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Watercare Services Limited launched the Snells Algies Outfall Pipeline project in 2019. The project is the first step in Watercare Services’ plan to serve the growing communities in Snells Algies, replacing the wastewater pipe along the Mahurangi East Road and the old outfall pipe at the Mahurangi Peninsula.
Forté Civil was appointed by main contractor McConnell Dowell to install 4.3km of pipework from Snells Algies to South of Martins Bay. Our work began in November 2019 and completed in October 2020, despite Covid-19 restrictions.

Civil Construction


Westfield Newmarket in Auckland was a $790m shopping centre redevelopment. Originally opened in the 1980s, the centre was closed for refurbishment and expansion in 2018.
Forté Civil was appointed as subcontractor on the project by JFC / Scentre Group and commissioned to install critical infrastructure on the three water networks. Work began in July 2018 and completed in September 2019.

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Weiti Bay is a private residential community of 230 acres located just 30 minutes north of Auckland. Over 160 acres of the land at Weiti Bay are private green open space, landscaped and planted with native vegetation to improve the environment. Only 67 acres of the site is reserved for housing plots, with the remaining land available for residents to explore and enjoy.
Forté Civil was appointed by main contractors Hicks Bros Civil Construction Limited to install new watermains and utility ducting throughout the property. Work began in November 2016 and was scheduled to finish in June 2017; we completed one year later in June 2018.

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Forté was head contractor for a critical watermain upgrade on Whangarei Heads Road which included 1km of 250mm pipework, associated fittings, connection to the existing network and commissioning.

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